Bar LA REAL – Downtown Foyer and Entryway

For this project I first reproduced a pair of peacocks in gold on a dark green entryway for Bar La Real. I then began work on the first floor foyer ceiling that I had to cover with a stenciled shell pattern. This was an enormous task that required a set of scaffolding and a look of contortioned neck-craning. I was then tasked with re-creating a series of art pieces from the 20’s and 30’s and painting them on a 20 foot high plaster wall alongside the large window at the entrance to the upstairs bar. This required each side of the window to be an almost mirror image of the other. To facilitate this, stencils were created to fill in the larger areas, followed by hand painting with markers. A large base for the second set of scaffolding also had to be custom built to account for the stairs at the edge of the wall and the scaffolding width.

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