GWIZ ONE a.k.a. Jorge Viera is an Illustrator, Animator, Sculptor and Graphic Designer from Miami, Florida. His Cuban parents came to America to find a dream that Communism suppressed, A dream of freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom from oppression, freedom to thrive. As a boy, Jorge grew up in two worlds; His parents and their fun loving Afro-Caribbean world of food, music, and rhythm,  and his new “Americano” world of McDonald’s, Bruce Springsteen, and Saturday morning cartoons. It was this balancing act that laid the foundation for his future of living a double life as a traditional artist by day, and a rooftop climbing spray can artist by night. Inhabiting these two worlds has often been difficult.

He now uses his talents and creates unique pieces that incorporate his love of graffiti, and traditional artistry. An accomplished Muralist and Painter, He appeared as a guest on TLC’s “Miami Ink” in 2007. His 2006 “Original Gangstas” Mural in the design district has become a fixture for photo shoots for everything from super models to rap videos to custom cars and has appeared in numerous publications since it was completed for Toe Jam Backlot in 2009.

Graffiti is like a best friend that steals your money, teaches you to lie, and convinces you to sneak out and damage property and gets you arrested. But somehow, you forgive him.


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